The modern concepts of sports has given rise to a global perspective and has become one of the most viable factors in cross culture integration. Sports has its own language and can provide a medium for international understanding the goodwill among nations. It has assumed great importance not only for self-actualisation at the national level but for social maturation and survival at the global level. In 21st century, sports is no more a physical training only, or simply body building, or merely indulging in play activities or mass drills, or pertaining to physical fitness alone . It has emerged as a multidimensional discipline.

Sports activities are is believed to contribute to physical, mental, social and intellectual strength paving way for all-round, wholesome and harmonious development of engineering students. Sports activities develops health, fitness and wellness i.e. endurance, strength, speed, power, stamina and willpower.


Shri P. K. Vasava
(Physical Instructor)