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    INFRASTRUCTURE AND RESOURCES:The college has its own spacious, three storeyed, well ventilated and independent building which has 45 rooms of different sizes. It is beautifully surrounded by lush green garden & tall trees. It possesses separate parking place for the vehicles of both boys and girls. It has also cool and pure drinking water facility.
    GREEN AND CLEAN CAMPUS: The college is having a lush green campus with a large garden. It has a number and variety of trees within and surrounding the college. The campus is always kept clean. Due care is taken to protect the environment.
    LIBRARY AND READING ROOM: It is indeed a matter of great interest that college has a rich and resourceful library with around 30,000 books, and numerous journals and magazines on trade, commerce and industry of national and international repute. The students can utilize a separate reading room for enriching their studies. Reference books and paper sets are available in the reading room.
    HEALTH CARE:For the new entrants, the college organises, on compulsory basis, the medical check-up camp soon after the admissions are over.. Those having ailments may visit Krishna Hospital, Karamsad. For general illness, students can contact University Health Centre where medicine is given free of charge. The centre is situated behind BJVM.
    THE HRD LAB: The Human Resource Development Laboratory is airconditioned and fully equipped with modern gadgets like LCD, TV, VCR, VCP, OHP, micro phone systems, computers, multimedia, internet and audio-visual aids to facilitate effective teaching, learning and development of students.
    THE COMMUNICATION SKILLS LAB: This laboratory is equipped with all the necessary audiovisual equipment to strengthen communication skills of the students, especially in English.
    INTERNET CLUB: Internet facility is made available on voluntary membership on the payment of membership fee as prescribed by CVM.
    GIRLS' ROOM :The college has an independent girls' room with necessary facilities. Girls can avail of it in the event of being free.
    SEMINAR HALL:State and National seminars, conferences, workshops, symposiums are organized in well equipped seminar hall. Management lecture series, behavioural science workshops, Entrepreneurship awareness programmes are regularly organized throughout the year.
    EXTRA CURRICULAR AND CO-CURICULAR ACTIVITIES: The college organizes on extensive scale, varied activities that support personality development and character building. Such activities include participation of students in debate, elocution, essay writing, various sports, N.C.C., N.S.S., cultural and community services. Those who join afresh are requested to pinpoint their interest in any activity and motivate themselves to actively participate.
    TOURS & EXCURSIONS: We live in an enchanting world-full of beauty, charm and adventure. Travel provides us with immeasurable opportunities to enhance, enrich and expand our lives. The magical moments spent travelling surely has an everlasting impact on us. Each journey that we undertake is a learning experience. As we encounter, a myriad of cultures and form friendships, we stretch our limits beyond the known boundaries to the unknown. Tours and excursions form an essential part of our curriculum, for we firmly agree with St. Augustine's view, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page.”
    THE HOSTELS :Charutar Vidya Mandal has hostels both for boys and girls. The boys are given acommodation in Liberty Hostel at a five minutes distance from the college. For girls, this facility is available at C. J. Patel Ladies Hostel (Ranak Hostel) complex near Shastri Maidan. Due to increasing rush of occupants, the students interested in hostel facilities are requested to book their room promptly.