Bachelor of Commerce

B.Com course is offered both in English and Gujarati mediums. At present, the course offers two elective subjects, viz.; Advanced Accounting & Auditing or Advanced Banking or Advanced Business Management. Advanced Accounting can be opted both in Gujarati and English medium, Banking only in Gujarati and Management only in English medium.

The Vocational Courses
These courses are available to the B.Com. students in English Medium recognised by the University Grant Commission. They are: I. Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management (ASM). II.Tax Procedure and Practice (TPP).

The Certificate Course
In English With a view to improving general English and the Communication Skills of the students, BJVM took initiative to start this course. Those who pass out are awarded certificate by Sardar Patel University. Taking up this course is increasingly essential to students coming from Gujarati medium whether in B.Com. or BBA. The classes are conducted regularly with suitable timings and without impeding the regular course schedule. Further, they can take advantage of separate English language lab and can have dialogue with the teachers concerned. Welcome to CVM and BJVM.

Courses of Study


Annual Fee Structure